Career Development Internship Program

Program Overview

Nearly half of university and college graduates, have found themselves under-employed. In spite of years of effort working towards a degree, they now spend their days doing nothing and hunting for a job.

Raa Technocrates, Career Development Internship Program (CDIP) is designed to give them that help, placing them in 6-month internships. The Career Development Internship Program (CDIP) helps break that cycle of underemployment by placing graduates in companies in their fields, building experience, building their resumes, and starting their careers.

The goal of the Career Development Internship program (CDIP) is to expose transition-aged youth to opportunities and assist them in gaining the skills and knowledge necessary to compete for full-time permanent positions. Interns are hired to assist in a variety of training assignments of typically 6 months in duration based on individual training requirements.

Program Benefit

The Career Development Internship Program (CDIP) is your opportunity to get your first professional job, while being mentored, and supported by friendly and experienced program coordinators. This support includes:

  • An individual counseling session, at which you draft an Internship Plan describing your learning objectives

  • A pre-placement resume and interview preparation sessions to help you pass your interview

  • Placement to helping you meet your objectives, and expose you to valuable experience

  • Pairing with an onsite mentor

  • Monthly meetings with your mentor to assess your learning, and look at areas of improvement

  • Regularly scheduled check-ins to ensure your internship is going as planned

At the end of your internship you will walk away with valuable skills, experience, and references that will give you an immeasurable advantage in the job market.


We welcome all applicants to the Career Development Internship Program (CDIP). Our applicants meet the following criteria:

  • Recent graduates, within the last 3 years

  • Graduated from Engineering, BSc.IT, MSc.IT, BSc.CS, MSc.CS, B Tech, or Computer Science programs

  • Legal ability to work in India

  • Basic level of English speaking and writing

  • Basic level of Programming Skills

Apply Now

If you are interested in applying for the Career Development Internship Program (CDIP), please send your updated Profile & Resume on We review and respond to all applications within 3 working days.